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25 Days of Kindness

Join Maddie's Minions this holiday season and give the gift of Kindness

Here are some ideas...

  1. Smile at someone
  2. Help a friend decorate
  3. Open a door for someone with their hands full
  4. Pay for someone else's coffee or hot chocolate
  5. Tell a joke to cheer someone up
  6. Help someone do chores/ housework
  7. Donate food to a local foodbank
  8. Send a Holiday Card to a Troop! #Smiles4Troops
  9. Volunteer your time
  10. Help your parents
  11. Give extra gloves & scarves to a homeless person
  12. Help an elderly person
  13. Help your neighbor
  14. Leave someone a nice comment on social media
  15. Show compassion & empathy
  16. Let someone go ahead of you in line
  17. Pay-it-forward to someone in line behind you
  18. Leave change in a vending machine
  19. Bake cookies for the Police and Firefighters
  20. Return a cart at the store
  21. Offer to shovel snow for a neighbor
  22. Tell a coworker or teacher that you appreciate them
  23. Send coloring books to sick kids in the hospital
  24. Compliment a stranger
  25. Be kind to yourself

We'd love to hear about your Acts of Kindness & welcome you to join our Kindness Challenge - Holiday Edition! Share your Acts of Kindness (or those of others) with us on facebook and use the hashtag #holidaykindness4smiles to participate. Your acts inspire others to do the same, help us spread kindness this holiday season and beyond.